The way you use your cable carriers could earn you a cash prize


Feb 05, 2010

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cords of mechanical engineering and automation systems. They ensure the safe supply of energy, data, signals and media, and are in constant motion. They can be used universally from cranes, machine tools and robots to movie sets in Hollywood. Recent developments in non-contact energy supply systems using induction and wireless data transmission technology signal the evolution of these systems.

The Vector award honors challenging energy supply applications. These can use either energy supply chains and cables or induction and wireless system technology.

igus is running its Vector competition for a second time to reward challenging applications using cable carrier systems. The first competition only accepted submissions from European companies, but the contest is open to entrants worldwide this time around. This gives North American cable-carrier users the chance to participate for the first time.

The winners of the Vector awards will be rewarded with cash prizes up to 5,000 Euros at the Hanover Fair from April 19-23, 2010, although entrants do not have to be at the awards ceremony to be eligible to win.

Entry forms and additional information can be found at

The final date for entries is Feb. 28, 2010.