SMRP tool shows operational areas that need most improvement


Jan 28, 2010

Be one of the first M&R organizations to take advantage of SMRP’s recently launched benchmarking survey. See how your company’s performance rates against competitors, and identify the optimal areas for improving operations.

Take the survey, and begin to answer critical questions like these:

  • Where are the gaps in your company’s efficiency and performance?
  • Which improvements would result in a swift increase to your bottom line?
  • Compared to the competition, does your organization fall behind in some areas, yet excel in others? 
  • What are the characteristics of the top performing M&R companies in the survey database?

Compiled confidentially by a third-party recognized, the information generated from the benchmarking survey gives participants a report of accurate and reliable research data. As more companies take part and the database grows, participants will also have the opportunity to create robust benchmarking reports as generalized or customized as their company requires.

An M&R organization can use this tool to generate rigorous, quantitative and qualitative data about how their plants stack up within the industry. This in turn reveals areas in which there is a compelling need for the organization to improve.

To register for the entire survey, click here.

To download the survey questionnaire, click here.