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Schneider Electric releases white paper on power system equipment maintenance and servicing requirements for data centers

Source: PlantServices.com

Jan 08, 2010

Schneider Electric announces the release of a new white paper, Power System Equipment Maintenance and Long-Term Servicing Requirements for Data Centers, written by Ken Agent, P.E., of Schneider Electric Engineering Services.

The paper discusses how no engineered system — especially those found in data centers — can run indefinitely without proper maintenance. It also talks about how equipment servicing and maintenance is crucial to the long-term operation of a data center power system, typical maintenance intervals and servicing activities for different types of equipment, and how the consideration of maintenance in the initial design of a data center enhances reliability in the long term.

The paper details the importance a good design plays in electrical preventive maintenance. Things like dual feeds, draw-out equipment and standardized equipment can all make maintenance much easier during the normal operation of a facility. In addition, if the equipment is excessively complex or unique, repairs can be more expensive.

Another section discusses the need to tailor a maintenance program to the types of equipment found in a facility, the availability of downtimes and the critical nature of the loads. Hostile environments, overloads and severe duty cycles can increase the need for regular maintenance. In addition, if equipment feeds critical loads, it should be maintained regularly to decrease the likelihood of failure.

The white paper is the latest in a series of online educational white papers and videos being offered by Schneider Electric Data Center Solutions in its Critical Power Technical Reference Repository. To view the white paper, click here.