Support the reliability movement by attending FTCC's free seminar series


Dec 28, 2009

Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC ) is supporting the reliability movement by offering free seminars featuring national and internationally recognized  professionals who have increased uptime and reduced costs through upgrading reliability and predictive maintenance programs.

Area facilities engineers, maintenance managers, and technicians can sharpen their skill sets and awareness of industry and facilities management best practices.

Pride in Maintenance: Your Baseline for Winning Maintenance

This workshop addresses the recognition and value of crafts people, technicians and maintenance support staff. It is designed to help professionals gain a better understanding of the need for reliability and maintenance process improvements.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create ideas to improve their maintenance programs
  • Understand what best practices are needed
  • Gain knowledge on measuring results
  • Be a team player with PRIDE in Maintenance

Instructor: Ralph W. “Pete” Peters

Equipment Reliability and Energy Conservation with Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology is being used in the reliability field because of its ease of use. Ultrasound instruments are used for a variety of maintenance and reliability applications. This workshop will discuss how ultrasound users can reduce energy costs by finding compressed air and gas leaks, and failed steam traps.
Instructor: Adrian Messer

How to Deal with the Again Workplace and Maintenance Crisis

For most businesses, people are considered to be the greatest asset because of what they know. In some industries, up to 40% of the skilled workforce is set to retire in the next ten years, taking with them their skills and knowledge. In the maintenance industry, the loss of personnel and information has been identified as an impending crisis. This seminar is designed to identify and prepare the maintenance industry for the loss of personnel and the gaps this loss will create i. This seminar will help you to forecast your needs, attract a new workforce, and transfer the existing knowledge to the new workers…before it’s too late.
Instructor: Joel Leonard

Getting Control of Inventory Costs

Clean, lean and reliable maintenance repair operations (MRO) storerooms are essentials for plants practicing or implementing lean manufacturing. Having the right parts located and accessed efficiently, and stored in minimum yet sufficient quantities are prerequisites needed to sustain successful maintenance operations. This seminar outlines how MRO storerooms become lean and reliable through the implementation and application of methodical, common sense part organizing methods and day-to-day storeroom operating procedures.
Instructor: Frank Murphy

Reliability Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis

In this seminar, participants will learn how to achieved bottom-line benefits from reliability centered maintenance and root cause analysis, understand the root cause of success, and ensure sustainable results.
Instructor: Shon Isenhour (CMRP)

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