Off-the-shelf job models power talent management, compensation planning and succession planning solutions

Source: Marketwire

Dec 15, 2009 Inc., a provider of on-demand talent management, payroll and compensation solutions, has added Manufacturing Industry Job Models to its job model and competency library of more than 1,200 job models and 1,300 functional competencies, which provide data and structure for typical jobs at all levels of an organization. Manufacturing Industry Job Models will enable manufacturing HR professionals to create job roles and competencies, and power their talent management systems.

Released this month,'s annual update of manufacturing industry competencies now includes more than 100,000 supporting data elements, including behavioral statements, interview questions, learning references, development statements, coaching tips, and writing assistance for performance reviews.

Manufacturing Industry Job Models include jobs within manufacturing operations, quality management, engineering, facilities and plant management, R&D, safety, supply chain management and logistics, and sourcing and procurement, as well as hundreds of IT jobs and general corporate functions.'s pre-built job models provide organizations with well-defined data that has been market tested during the past 20 years. Job models enable HR professionals to manage job descriptions, define corporate and functional competencies at the job level, and align competencies across the organization. Job models also provide a strong foundation for talent management, compensation planning and succession planning solutions.

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