Design for the 2010 direct digital manufacturing competition

Source: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Jan 06, 2010

For 2010, student designers are encouraged to use their imaginations to design a product intended for household use that has unique direct digital manufacturing (DDM) features. The product must be designed for used in the home and should have minimum impact on the environment. It must be fabricated mainly using DDM processes. Design criteria includes:

  • The item will be for residential use (i.e., home or apartment).
  • The design should represent a fully working prototype. Any internal electronics or mechanics must be specified within the design. 
  • The geometry of the design must be defined within a 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) system capable of producing robust STL files.

Entries are welcome from both college/university students and high school students. The two categories will be judged separately.

The entries will be judged according to the following weighted criteria:

Criteria Weight of Criteria
Environmental impact analysis 20%
Cost/benefit analysis 15%
Justification of DDM material 15%
Justification of DDM process 15%
Component integration 15%
Innovative aesthetics via DDM 10%
Innovative geometrical features via DDM 10%
Total 100%

Each category submission will consist of a zipped file that includes:

  1. A completed 2010 entry form
  2. An STL file(s) of your design 
  3. A one-page summary stating why your design is suited to DDM
  • Include the benefits it would bring to the customer.
  • Indicate the volume of the build.
  • Include your name(s), school and title of your entry.
In addition, college/university entrants will also need to submit a three-page report containing the following elements:
  1. Justified choices of DDM processes and materials to be used.
  2. Environmental impact analysis.
  3. A cost-benefit analysis for using DDM (include an estimate of the quantity to be manufactured).
  4. Include your name(s), school and the title of your entry.

Submission must be made using the following process:

  1. Complete your design in STL format.
  2. Complete the 2010 Design for DDM Entry form. 
  3. Complete a one-page summary stating why your design is suited to direct digital manufacturing. 
  4. Include a JPEG photo of the completed design. 
  5. College and university entrants must also include a three-page report. 
  6. Save the entry form, summary page, STL file and report (if applicable) in a zipped file. Upload the zipped file containing all forms, design and reports to
  7. In the "Comments" section, enter the words "DDM Competition." 
  8. Wait for the upload confirmation.
  9. Submit all forms and files prior to April 6, 2010.

Entries will be judged by April 22, 2010, and winners will be notified at that time.