Supply Chain Management

MHIA forecasts growth in material handling equipment orders in 2010

Source: Material Handling Industry of America

Dec 29, 2009

Material handling equipment orders are forecasted to grow 2.0-3.5% in 2010, according to the latest Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Forecast released by Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).

In addition, material handling equipment shipments are forecasted to contract 35.0% in 2009 and 5.5% 2010. Domestic demand (shipments plus imports less exports) will contract about 35.0% in 2009. Exports are forecasted to decline in 2009 and return to growth in 2010. Domestic demand will be down slightly in 2010.

The MHEM forecast of material handling equipment manufacturing is released each quarter by MHIA and looks 12 to 18 months forward to anticipate changes in the material handling and logistics marketplace.

Download the complete forecast.