Get recognized for your industrial energy savings


Nov 05, 2009

Manufacturing plants across the United States are participating in Save Energy Now energy assessments offered by the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP). Facilities that have made progress in implementing the assessment recommendations to save energy and cut costs are being recognized by Save Energy Now.

To qualify for an award, your company must participate in a Save Energy Now energy assessment and report the progress on schedule. The assessment can be completed by an Energy Expert or an Industrial Assessment Center. For more information read the Save Energy Now Recognition Guidelines. Once you meet the criteria, your plant will be selected for one of the following awards:

Energy Saver Plant - More than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5% total energy savings.
Energy Champion Plant - More than 250,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 15% total energy savings.
Energy Champion Team - More than 10% total energy savings in the original plant and replication in two or more plants.

As soon as ITP determines that your plant has met the qualifying criteria based on submitted progress reports, you will be notified that you are eligible for an award. Once you accept your award, your company will be publicly recognized at major industry meetings or ITP events each year and on the Save Energy Now Web site. In addition to an award, you will receive a promotional award template that includes logos and a customizable banner to help you publicize your success throughout your company and in your corporate communications.

For more information, contact the EERE Information Center online or call (877) 337-3463.