Electrical apparatus reconditioners pass full site certifications from PEARL

Source: PlantServices.com

Nov 03, 2009

Electrical apparatus reconditioners P&F Supply Co., and R.N.T. Supply Inc. recently passed full site certifications from the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL), a technical trade association concerned with standards-based reconditioning and reuse of commercial and industrial electrical apparatuses.

This certification allows both P&F Supply Co., and R.N.T. Supply Inc. to safely recondition and evaluate electrical apparatuses — from circuit breakers to motor controls and transformers — using the applicable PEARL Standards. Should the apparatus pass performance requirements established by the original manufacturer, a PEARL-certified member company can then apply either a PEARL Reconditioning or Inspect and Test seal to the device, telling customers that the device operates “as good or better than new” and is ready for reuse.

The comprehensive site certification process began in early 2006 with requests from P&F Supply Co., and R.N.T. Supply Inc. to become fully accredited members of the PEARL trade association. PEARL Technical Committee Chairman and President of Costal Switchgear & Controls Inc., Malcom Frederick, referred the request to PEARL’s third-party site certification inspector, Ken McComas of Electrical Test Instruments Inc. Mr. McComas, whose business is the calibration and verification of electrical test equipment, visited both sites as part of a four-part process. First, Mr. McComas verified that each company met PEARL business requirements based on association bylaws governing safe and ethical business practices, which can be found on the PEARL Web site (www.pearl1.org). McComas then checked that each business had the required test equipment, adequately trained technicians to operate the equipment and that all equipment was fully calibrated. Any discrepancies were shared with each company and then verified to be in compliance before PEARL issues the final site certification.