Emerson forms Human Centered Design Institute to drive ease of use into product development

Source: PlantServices.com

Dec 15, 2009

Emerson is making process control technology easier to use with the introduction of its Human Centered Design Institute. This announcement culminates more than five years of customer work-practice analysis, new product development reengineering and organizational training. The goal is simple: make products that are not only reliable, compatible and cost-effective, but also bring about an improvement in ease of use and workforce productivity.

Emerson Process Management demonstrated its commitment to Human Centered Design (HCD) and reduced product complexity with the announcement of its new DeltaV S-series digital automation system hardware, and more than 50 new field Device Dashboards.

With the new DeltaV S-Series of hardware, customers and engineering contractors can have unprecedented flexibility in I/O engineering thanks to Electronic Marshalling. Hard wiring each device as a unique connection from field to controller and every contact in between is eliminated. This means less engineering up front and fewer change orders later in the project.

Emerson also turned its attention to day-to-day operations, focusing on the repetitive tasks operators and maintenance staff perform and how they interface with field devices.

The primary goal of Emerson’s Human Centered Design Institute is to ensure that user work practices and improved task completion (usability or workforce productivity) are at the heart of every new product that Emerson introduces.

Human Centered Design is a multi-disciplined science. User personas, stakeholder maps, along with intensive observational research, usability testing and heuristics analysis are key elements of the practice. They provide the insight to blend the disciplines of industrial, graphical and human interface design into products that are easier to use.