Take the <i>Asset Performance Management</i> benchmark survey

Source: PlantServices.com

Oct 01, 2009

PlantServices.com and Aberdeen have teamed up to bring you the Asset Performance Management (APM): Aligning the Goals of CFO and Maintenance Managers survey.

Maximizing Return on Assets (RoA) is becoming more of a challenge in today’s environment given the reductions many organizations are making to operational and capital budgets. It is critical for the CFO to establish a risk based strategy to better understand how the changes in their maintenance budgets will impact the overall risk profile of the organization.

Another aspect is the collaboration among maintenance and operations and their ability to leverage real-time asset data for advanced asset management initiatives. Please share your company's experience in managing critical assets

Please tell us about your company’s asset performance management initiative by taking our survey. As a token of appreciation for taking this survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of this study ($399) when it publishes.

Take the 15-minute survey at www.aberdeen.com/survey/6025-apm-ps.