IPSO Alliance announces certification and compliance initiative for IP-based smart objects

Source: PlantServices.com

Oct 08, 2009

The IPSO (IP for Smart Objects) Alliance has announced its new compliance and certification program. This program is aimed at accelerating the use of IP in embedded smart objects, such as sensors and actuators, in a range of emerging application areas that include smart grid and energy management, building automation, urban infrastructure, industrial and process automation, healthcare and home automation — all of which require the scalability and interoperability that only IP provides.

Formed in 2008, the IPSO Alliance has emerged as the leading alliance of technology providers and end-users seeking to establish Internet Protocol as the standard of choice for the interconnection of physical objects. 

The new IPSO compliance and certification program builds on the foundation IPSO laid earlier this year when it hosted the world’s first global interoperability event in March that successfully demonstrated IP-based global interoperability with IP-based sensors, networking infrastructure, servers and applications. IPSO conducted a second, broader and more encompassing, interoperability test successfully in May as well.

In addition, the IPSO Alliance intends to lead the industry in enabling the transition onto IP-enabled devices of existing or emerging application layer frameworks and plans to coordinate with appropriate groups and standards-setting bodies to accelerate this transition.

This is a key benefit of adopting and using IP — the proven ability to seamlessly tie together embedded devices, no matter the physical communications media, through the Internet without the complexities and costs of translators and gateways.

The IPSO compliance and certification program is an industry-wide effort that includes:

  • Collaboration with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to foster the development of basic standards for IP-based smart objects; adherence to which will ensure interoperability across vendor products and diverse communication media.
  • Delivery of the testing and compliance programs to enable vendors to validate their products’ compliance to IP standards 
  • Development of programs to encourage the rapid development of adaptation layers for IP over new communication links to ensure these systems are included in the inter-network of IP-enabled smart objects.
  • Facilitating and accelerating the migration of existing or emerging systems onto IP-enabled devices and working with all willing peer alliances or industry associations towards that goal.

For more information, visit www.ipso-alliance.org.