Energy Management

DVD training program helps organizations reduce energy costs


Dec 01, 2009

In response to a growing business need, Coastal Training Technologies and DuPont Safety Resources have collaborated to produce a training program titled Energy Smart. Available on DVD, this is the first course in Coastal’s upcoming DuPont Energy Management eLearning Series. 

Energy Smart helps promote general energy awareness and includes energy-saving tips that translate into real savings for an organization. It aims to change the misconception that energy is “just there” and encourages employees to treat energy costs with the same fiscal assertiveness as any other business expense. Content contributions by DuPont energy engineers and consultants are based on DuPont’s energy management experience that has resulted in $3 billion in cumulative energy savings since 1990.

The offering applies a three-pronged approach to energy management and presents a compelling business case for its adoption. It explains the impact of energy management on the economy, environment, customer interface, energy independence and emerging technologies. It also shows how every employee can improve energy efficiency, citing low-cost, easy-to-implement best practices of energy-efficient organizations.

Energy Smart is the first of 16 courses in Coastal’s soon-to-be-released DuPont Energy Management eLearning Series. Coming this fall, these online courses cover the energy-efficient use of industrial equipment and systems. Titles include: Energy Management Best Practices, Energy System Instrumentation and Controls, Theory of Steam Generation, Fuels and the Combustion Process, Boilers and Auxiliaries, Emission Control and Ash Handling, and others.

The Energy Smart DVD is available for a free 15-day preview by calling (757) 498-9014 or visiting