Energy Management

Big Ass Fans' R&D laboratory is awarded LEED Gold Certification


Oct 09, 2009

Big Ass Fans has begun fan testing in a new, LEED Gold, 46,000-ft2 research and development laboratory. Specifically designed for the requirements and challenges of testing very large fans (6- to 24-ft in diameter), this facility is the first of its kind. In this space, Big Ass Fans is able to fully conduct fan performance testing, including air velocity profiles, fatigue testing of fan assemblies and components, and prototype builds.

The Big Ass Fans Research and Development building has been awarded LEED Gold Certification. By utilizing the company's own fans to achieve LEED credits, Big Ass Fans has designed a modern facility that uses 35% less energy, 58% less water, 51% less waste to the landfill during construction and used 9% less materials to build. Big Ass Fans were utilized to meet the requirements of the following LEED prerequisites and credits: Minimum Energy Performance; Optimize Energy Performance; Minimum IAQ Performance; Increased Ventilation; Thermal Comfort, Design; and Innovation in Design: Materials Minimization.

The performance testing area is a 42,000-ft2 space with 60-ft-high ceilings and minimal floor obstructions. Large, heavy curtains allow the space to be divided into four quadrants, and the curtains can be pulled back to create a single space to allow for the testing of the largest fans. Additionally, the R&D building can be reconfigured to simulate various applications. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) mapping is also utilized to determine the performance of Big Ass Fans in a space.

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