Cost-saving program helps customers weather current economic conditions


Sep 22, 2009

Cost savings. It’s on everyone’s minds, and virtually every business is trying to find new ways to save money and reduce costs. In fact, a recent online industry poll by Kimberly-Clark Professional has found that:

  • 100% of respondents said they were focused on saving money in 2009
  • 72% of respondents expect to cut operating supplies in 2009 in an overall effort to reduce costs
  • 41% reported being worried about losing their jobs if they could not find ways to save their companies money
  • 94% were more willing to work with a company that brings forth cost-savings measures

Kimberly-Clark Professional has responded to these concerns by introducing a free program with online tools to help customers reduce costs by selecting products that perform better and last longer. The program also provides guaranteed savings if customers switch to select products for 60 days.

The “Cost Savings Tune Up” program is available as a free brochure or CD or online at It features a set of simple scenarios to help customers determine which products are right for them. It also offers a “toolbox” of interactive tips, tools and savings recommendations, including:

  • Diagnostics and recommendations — By answering questions about current product usage and needs, the Cost Savings Tune Up program helps customers replace old technologies with newer, more efficient cost-savings tools. This feature helps customers avoid unnecessary fees and hidden charges and helps them determine if they are using the right product for the task. For instance, using a heavy-duty wiper for a light-duty task may needlessly add to costs, while using a light-duty wiper for a tough task may result in excessive use, which also increases expenditures.
  • Additional interactive tools — The Cost Savings Tune Up program offers other interactive tools to help customers fine-tune product selections and reduce costs, such as an online calculator that helps customers select the most cost-efficient wiper for the task. The tools also include a Green Meter for washroom products. This interactive, comparative tool calculates potential savings and the reduced environmental impact of specific products on fiber consumption, energy, water consumption and solid waste generation.
  • Cost-saving tips — The program also offers money-saving tips and information from a recent industry poll on the economy. 
  • Guaranteed savings — In addition to these benefits, Kimberly-Clark Professional is guaranteeing between 5 and 20% in cost savings if customers replace rags, shop towels or existing wiping products with qualifying WypAll wipers for 60 days. Guaranteed savings are also being offered if customers switch for 60 days to select roll towel, coreless bath tissue and foam soap offerings. 
  • Free site needs analysis — A site needs analysis is also being offered free to all customers. These personalized evaluations can identify ways to control costs and increase overall performance. A site needs analysis can also help increase efficiencies and reduce waste.
  • Giveaways — In conjunction with certain purchases, Kimberly-Clark Professional is also offering customers Free Jumbo Roll WypAll Wipers dispensers.

For more information about the Cost Savings Tune Up program, visit