Supply Chain Management

Publication shows importance of timely lift truck replacement


Sep 01, 2009

The downloadable booklet, The Right Time: A Guide to the Timely Replacement of Lift Trucks, from Hyster Company, offers information on how to improve productivity, increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by knowing when to replace older, less efficient lift trucks.

During difficult economic periods, it may seem necessary to postpone the purchase of new equipment. However, research shows that relying on less productive, unreliable lift trucks can negatively impact profitability over the long term. As stated within the booklet, all lift trucks have an “optimum economic life replacement threshold,” which is based on four factors:

  • The type of truck and the age of its design
  • The severity of the application
  • The number of hours it operates per month and per year
  • The type and frequency of maintenance it receives

Failure to replace lift trucks at this point can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs and product downtime. The booklet from Hyster Company demonstrates the ideal time to replace electric and internal combustion lift trucks working in either heavy or light applications, as well as the importance of periodic maintenance and a planned lift truck replacement strategy.

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