Single certificate provides multiple benefits for manufacturers with European facilities


Sep 01, 2009

Manufacturers now have a cost-effective way to attain both a proof of compliance to the LVD and a GS Mark with the TÜV Rheinland GS S1 Certificate.  While the GS Mark and the CE Marking are mutually exclusive, combining the two further expands a product’s marketability. 

The CE Marking demonstrates that a product meets the minimum consumer safety, health and environmental requirements as outlined by the European Directive.

The GS Mark proves the product’s full compliance with the German Equipment Safety Law, showing that the product meets all electrical, chemical and ergonomic safety requirements. As consumer concerns over product safety continue to linger, more and more manufacturers are seeking a GS Mark for their products. In fact, 80% of products bearing a CE-marking also carry the GS Mark to demonstrate and differentiate the product’s additional qualities, a trend in opposition to other marks in the European Union.

The GS S1 Certificate demonstrates full compliance with both the German Equipment Safety Act and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), a minimum EU requirement, with a statement that the product has complied with Annex I of the LVD (2006/95/EEC). Additionally, the certificate can be used in connection with the manufacturer’s EC declaration of conformity, according to Annex III of the LVD.