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Podcast focuses on news, information and opportunities of interest to the electroindustry


Jul 14, 2009

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has launched NEMAcast, a podcast that focuses on news, information and opportunities of interest to the electroindustry. Anyone with Internet access can listen online at or through iTunes. NEMAcast has several channels, each with a particular focus:

  • Smart Grid Channel — As a driving force behind the development of a national Smart Grid, NEMA interviews industry experts to find out how Smart Grid will affect consumers, manufacturers and the nation. What are the current trends in Smart Grid technology, and how will they affect you? Tune into the Smart Grid Channel to find out.
  • Energy Efficiency Channel — Energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage are topics that affect everything from national security to your pocketbook. Subscribe to the Energy Efficiency Channel to hear interviews on how the electroindustry is driving energy efficiency and energy independence. The first Energy Efficiency episode will air in August. 
  • Inside the Electroindustry Channel — Inside the Electroindustry gives you the inside scoop on a range of industry opportunities and developments. Interviews will cover everything from how to access federal stimulus funds and new state regulations, to important updates in codes and standards. The first Inside the Electroindustry episode will air in August.
  • Electric Minute Channel — Subscribe to the Electric Minute Channel to hear headlines from the electroindustry. Just one minute in length, each Electric Minute episode focuses on headlines and news bulletins from across the electroindustry.
Upcoming topics include:  
Smart Grid with Paul Molitor July 10
EPA Issues New TRI Emissions Rules July 10
EPA Issues Greenhouse Gas Rules 
July 10
Stimulus Bill, NIST, NEMA and the Smart Grid Framework
July 10
Stimulus and Economy with Don Leavens
July 14
Beating the Market Rollercoaster July 15
ECBI Says Electroindustry May be Poised for Comeback July 16
Recycling for Mercury-Containing Lamps Rises
July 17
Smart Grid with Paul Orr
Aug. 5
Smart Grid with Eric Hsieh
Aug. 19

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