Learn how to move mobile forward without leaving your seat

Source: PlantServices.com

Jul 09, 2009

Syclo Mobile Conference ’09 will share mobile best practices, insights and vision, dive into the latest technologies, and present real-life “success stories.”

The fifth annual Syclo Mobile Conference opens next week as a virtual event from July 15-31. Attendees will learn how to move their global enterprise mobile projects forward without leaving their seats. The agenda will feature presentations and demonstrations to help customers leverage the power of mobile computing and take advantage of advances in technology to improve operations and lower costs. Attendees will connect with peers and experts, and learn how to grow their return on investment from current and future mobile applications. Presentations will be delivered by worldwide users of mobile technologies who have streamlined business processes by increasing the data they move to and from the field, enabling them to do more planned work and better service their internal or external customers.

To register and learn more, visit http://smc.syclo.com.