Survey: Best-in-class companies and asset life cycle management


May 20, 2009

Executives in asset-intensive industries need to improve asset performance in the face of delayed capital expenditures and reduced operational expenditures. Do you want to learn how best-in-class companies are extending their asset life cycle?
Companies across asset-intensive industries are establishing strategies to get more out of their existing asset base.

This has been consistently shown across Aberdeen's prior research on enterprise asset management and asset performance management, which shows maximizing return on assets (RoA) as the top pressure driving companies to focus on asset management. Aberdeen Group believes that best-in-class companies are establishing strategies to improve asset availability, utilization and performance resulting in direct impact on revenue, expense, and time to market.

Please tell us your company’s experience in managing asset life cycle by taking this survey. You will receive a complimentary copy of this study ($399 value) when it is published. All responses are strictly confidential. Click to take the survey.