Online calculator helps determine annual cost of condition-monitoring programs


Mar 24, 2009

Azima DLI offers its in-house condition-monitoring program cost calculator, which allows plant and maintenance managers to quickly calculate the annualized cost of current machine condition-monitoring programs to help determine the right mix of on-site and outsourced solutions.

After users complete a brief questionnaire on, the calculator produces a detailed assessment to help plant and maintenance managers better answer questions such as:

  • What is the annualized cost of current condition-monitoring programs?
  • What are the costs associated with condition-monitoring program expansion?
  • Is outsourcing a cost-effective choice to address existing condition-monitoring needs?

With the calculator’s ability to analyze factors such as start-up costs and cost-per-machine, managers don’t have to spend time wrestling with complex spreadsheets to gain a better understanding of the financial effects of the condition-monitoring programs they're using. The calculator produces detailed reports to help determine if existing programs are as cost-effective as possible, and if expanding or outsourcing certain elements would be advantageous.