Keithley creates tutorial poster for WiMAX measurement


Aug 13, 2008

Keithley Instruments Inc. has published a poster that illustrates the key measurement tools and software analysis techniques required for measuring complex WiMAX signals.  The poster is available at no charge at

The poster provides a clear illustration for making easy signal creation and analysis of WiMAX signals, arguably the most complex modulation scheme in the world. WiMAX signals encompass multiple technologies into one very versatile system, including bandwidths in excess of 20MHz, configurations with more than 2,000 subcarriers, high peak-to-average power ratios, and both SISO and MIMO radio configurations.

The poster builds on the capabilities of a variety of new Keithley signal creation and analysis tools that extend its RF test capabilities to include WiMAX signal testing. Keithley's RF test solutions are based on the company's Model 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzers and Model 2920 RF Vector Signal Generators. Because these test instruments rely on a next-generation DSP-based Software-Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, they are capable of making extremely high-speed measurements thoroughly and accurately. 

The SDR architecture enables Keithley's highly flexible offering with instruments that are easy and less costly to upgrade as new wireless and cellular standards are introduced.  Keithley's test systems provide frequency coverage from 400MHz to 4GHz and to 6GHz if WLAN measurements are needed.

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