Energy Management

Hydraulic Institute offers 'Optimizing Pumping Systems' guidebook


Jul 31, 2008

"Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide to Improved Efficiency, Reliability, and Profitability" will soon be available courtesy of Pump Systems Matter and the Hydraulic Institute. Scheduled to debut in mid-August, the Hydraulic Institute says the reference is the most definitive guidebook to date on how to optimize pumping systems for maximum energy efficiency.

Based on the collaborative efforts of 22 industry experts, the 250+ page compendium explains how optimizing both existing and new pumping systems, and purchasing based on life cycle cost, can lead to increased profitability through a reduction in  unnecessary, expensive energy consumption and maintenance costs. According to Gregg Romanyshyn, Technical Director of the Hydraulic Institute, “Energy losses in the pumping system as a whole are typically greater than energy losses in the pumping unit. With existing pumping systems, for example, system optimization can yield as much as a 50 % reduction in energy costs. This savings is often accompanied by a substantial improvement in reliability and MTBR when pumps are properly matched to the system requirements.”
Featuring graphics, illustrations and reference tables, the guide covers a range of topics including pump fundamentals, pump and system interaction, calculating cost of ownership, improving the performance of existing pump systems, optimizing new designs and pumping system economics. Also included is a 13-page glossary of terms, along with case studies and a detailed matrix of useful tools for optimizing pumping systems.

The guide costs $195 per copy, with discounts available for larger quantities. For more information, visit