Industrial Safety

Program helps organizations prepare for natural and manmade disasters


Jul 30, 2008

Bowman Specialty Services has launched "Safety for Life," a customized program that helps organizations respond effectively to any kind of disaster, natural or manmade. "Preparedness makes a huge difference when the unexpected strikes, from a tornado to a flood, a gunman to terrorists," says Harry Nolan, PhD, chief loss-control engineer for Bowman Specialty Services.

Clients receive a customized emergency preparedness manual, a safety video and technical support. "Safety for Life" can supplement the efforts of in-house safety staff or be used by organizations that do not have their own safety professionals.

"The emergency preparedness manual is designed as a working plan that's regularly updated and always ready to be implemented at a moment's notice," Nolan says.  It also outlines setting up a crisis management team (CMT), creating an emergency evacuation plan, showing how to test the plan, addressing employee training and motivation and more. Evacuation planning is often overlooked, but planning can make a difference between life and death in an extreme emergency like a high-rise fire or an attack by terrorists or a murderous gunman.

The approved safety video, in DVD or computer format, shows employees how to respond in emergencies, while covering the key safety concerns in any organization, whether it's a manufacturer, a service business, hospital, government agency or utility.

An as an optional feature, Bowman can arrange for a disaster-relief company that guarantees a stricken company to be up and running again within 48 hours, with services including mobile offices, computers, satellite phone and Internet access, and power generation.

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