Industrial Safety

2008 Edition Tech Handbook details hazardous area static electricity applications


Jul 18, 2008

A new 2008 edition of the tech-data and applications handbook from Newson Gale Inc. provides a wide range of information on controlling static electricity in hazardous areas. Information sections include a general introduction to the hazards and methods of control, 18 illustrated applications arrangements, a guide to equipment coding, a comparison of U.S and European codes, a plant operator’s maintenance guide and a safety checklist.

The extensive general introduction to static electricity control includes a review of the source and nature of static electricity, the hazards it imposes in various types of hazardous areas, common means of control and a discussion of the equipment available for such applications.

New to this edition are sections or static grounding applications for railcars, vacuum trucks, mixing vessels and drum filling machines, and for trans-loading operations. The section on the new 2007 edition of NFPA 77 has also been updated.

The full list of applications covered include those involving drums and containers with and without storage racks, mobile equipment, bulk storage containers, tankers, drums in storage, fluidized bed and drying equipment, rotating vessels, pipes/ducting systems and personnel/footwear. The illustrated arrangements are based on the Cenelectrex line of static grounding and bonding equipment and each application is described in some detail and clearly illustrated.

The guide to equipment coding and comparison of U.S. and European coding covers the more commonly used codes with thumbnail descriptions of each. And the maintenance guide and safety checklist are required reading for even experienced plant operators.

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