Blog: Read about The Automation Federation's Congressional Fly-In


May 21, 2008

Read about The Automation Federation's first Congressional Fly-In at The group has scheduled about 30 meetings with members of Congress in Washington, D.C., May 20-23.  The Automation Federation constituency is comprised of five teams of five individuals, and these teams will be meeting with members of Congress this week about issues facing industry. The teams will focus on three topics of importance to automation professionals, as follows:

  • Workforce development and the impending crisis in automation
  • The need for the creation of two-year and four-year automation
    engineering curricula
  • The necessity of an informed cyber-security policy in defense of our
    nation's industrial infrastructure

The purpose of the Automation Federation's Congressional visit is to explain these issues and ask Congress for its support in furthering the aforementioned initiatives. To read more, visit The Automation Federation says it is committed to becoming the "Voice of Automation" in Congress, and has promised to keep Congress informed about the automation issues that will affect the future of manufacturing in the United States, and the vital role that the next generation of automation professionals will play.