ViSmart viscosity sensor element passes Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test


Feb 13, 2008

SenGenuity's ViSmart viscosity sensor element has passed the Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) for applications in engines for continuous, real-time monitoring of oil condition. The RPVOT is an ASTM 2272 test, which oxidizes the oil heavily and is used to test the sensor's capability to survive oxidized oil conditions. These conditions are reflective of actual operating conditions in engines.

The RPVOT was conducted by OELCHECK GmbH, the world leader in lubricant analysis and related consultation. This activity is part of the working partnership between SenGenuity and OELCHECK. Under terms of that partnership, OELCHECK, as part of its overall oil condition monitoring and data analysis services, is conducting tests of the ViSmart sensor supported by their deep knowledge in tribology for customers in Europe.

The ViSmart sensor element, manufactured in accordance with standard semiconductor practices and packaged in a standard T0-8 housing, was placed in a determined oil quantity after the oil was aged and oxidized using pressurized oxygen at 150°C. The test is carried out in a tightly controlled temperature environment and the sensor and oil are placed in a rotating vessel for 24 continuous hours. The sensor was analyzed at four-hour intervals for surface coating integrity and packaging robustness. The successful test outcome clearly demonstrated that no significant sensor element surface degradation or material buildup had occurred in the excessively aged engine oil.

SenGenuity’s ViSmart viscosity sensor is designed to provide instantaneous sample and/or continuous, real-time, in-process viscosity measurements for embedded real-time, in-line environments requiring high resolution and accuracy in low- to mid-range viscosity fluids.

The ViSmart viscosity sensor uses robust and reliable semiconductor technology, has no moving parts and is sealed for complete immersion. It is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions, does not need field calibration and is packaged in a very portable, lightweight size. The ViSmart sensor measures a wide range of viscosity of fluid and is rated for temperatures up to 125˚C in a threaded bolt package for quick installation, with custom options and configurations available for specific industry applications and process requirements. 

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