Ultrasound World IV highlights energy conservation

Source: PlantServices.com

Jan 09, 2008

Ultrasound World IV will focus on topics such as energy conservation, bearing-monitoring techniques, lubrication inspection and condition-based monitoring. The fourth annual Ultrasound World conference, hosted by UE Systems, will be held Jan. 27-30 in Clearwater Beach, Fla., at the Hilton Beach Resort.

UE Systems offers three presentations focused on energy conservation. These topics will help direct plants toward a "Go Green" objective for 2008, helping plant managers save signifcant production dollars while taking part in the global effort to preserve the environment.

The three presentations geared toward conserving energy include Paul Payne and Kevin Whitehead presenting, "The Leaky Plant and How to Quantify What You Find," Don and Darrel Adams discussing "Continuous Steam Trap Management Program," and Dr. James Neale, lecturing on, "The leak Guess-Timator Mark II: Improving the accuracy of air leak rate estimation and other leak management tools."

To learn more about each presentation and presenter, visit the Ultrasound World IV Web site at www.uesystems.com/ultrasound_world.asp.