IRIS Power and ADWEL Merge


Jun 11, 2007

 IRIS Power and ADWEL International have combined forces to better serve a broad spectrum of the global electrical testing & measurement market. Through merging the IRIS leadership in Partial Discharge Analysis (PDA) testing with the ADWEL expertise in Stator Core testing of generators & motors, clients will now have direct access to the widest selection of on-line and off-line insulation, stator core and T&D testing products and services in the electric power industry.

The broad range of test equipment & services now available for condition monitoring and testing of Rotating Machines (i.e. generators and large motors) includes the following:

  1. Partial Discharge Analysis (PDA)
  2. Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detector (EL CID)
  3. Wedge Tightness Detection
  4. Current Signature Analysis
  5. Motor and Generator Rotor Flux Monitoring
  6. DC Ramp Insulation Tester

Test equipment available for the Transmission & Distribution industry includes the following:

  1. Winding Resistance Tester
  2. Contact Resistance Tester
  3. Current Transformer Tester
  4. Transformer Ratiometer

The combined company will trade as IRIS Power LP.