Industry taps academia for advanced reliability


Jun 05, 2007

Ivara Corp. will add advanced reliability technologies obtained from Dr. Andrew Jardine of the University of Toronto and the Centre for Materials and Manufacturing (CMM) to its EXP reliability solution.

The technology offers customers statistical capabilities that can enable them to make more informed decisions about asset repair, replacement and preventive maintenance strategies. Jardine, a professor of industrial engineering, is a globally recognized authority in maintenance and reliability.

Ivara has acquired the rights to the following technologies developed by Jardine during his 25 years of research of maintenance optimization:

  • Asset life cycle costing for mobile and fixed equipment: These technologies allow organizations to seamlessly establish the economic life of its mobile and fixed assets. It also helps to determine the correct decision for difficult repair-versus-replace situations, as well as monitor individual equipment to establish its optimal replacement time.
  • PM optimization: This advanced technology uses information about a component’s failure and operating cost history, and applies reliability trend and Weibull analyses to identify failure patterns and determine the optimal replacement policy.
    The CMM is an Ontario Centre of Excellence that supports research and training within Ontario’s materials and manufacturing sectors. The Centre’s goal is to accelerate new innovations and commercialize new advances through R&D activities. Through CMM, Ivara has acquired the rights to the following technology developed at the University of Toronto’s Condition-Based Maintenance Laboratory headed by Jardine:
  • Capital and emergency spares optimization: This sophisticated technology determines the optimal stocking level for high-value, critical spares. By balancing the expense of capital spares against the risk of unexpected failure, it supports an organization’s optimal maintenance plan, resulting in significant cost savings and improved plant reliability.

“Organizations today face the challenge of analyzing volumes of equipment data to make evidence-based maintenance decisions,” says Jardine. “Ivara is reinforcing its reliability leadership by being the only software vendor to incorporate these innovative technologies into their solutions to support difficult repair-versus-replace decisions. I look forward to collaborating with them as we move forward.”

“Ivara remains on the leading edge of advanced reliability techniques by joining forces with pioneers in the field of maintenance optimization,” says Gerry Bleau, Ivara president and CEO.  “By embedding these unique technologies into our offerings, we are empowering our customers with the industry’s most advanced statistical tools that enable strategic maintenance decisions and take equipment reliability to the next level.”