Fluid Handling

Hydraulic Institute chooses its Member of the Year

Source: PlantServices.com

Apr 27, 2007

Ralph Gabriel, chief engineer at John Crane Inc. (www.johncrane.com), has been honored as the Hydraulic Institute (HI) Member of the Year. The award was presented to Gabriel at HI's recent 90th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Gabriel has led the Seals Committee since its inception in 1998 and played a principal role in the development of the latest Hydraulic Institute publication, “Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines.” The committee's original intent was to develop a series of smaller guides, white papers, and other technical material. The project was expanded to book length after HI, working in cooperation with The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), which provided its handbook as source material. Gabriel and the committee worked for more than four years before publishing the book in January.

“Ralph Gabriel has been a terrific leader of the Seals Committee throughout the years and we're proud to honor him as HI's Member of the Year,” said Gregg Romanyshyn, HI technical director. “Ralph was very concerned with the accuracy and consistency of the new guide and always inspired and motivated his committee and kept them on track. He was an integral part in the publication of Mechanical Seals for Pumps.”

In addition to his work on the book, Gabriel served as an active member of several other HI committees, including Pump Applications Guidelines, Mean Time Between Repairs, the Fire Pump Joint Committee, the Slurry Pump Committee, and the Joint Centrifugal/Vertical Sections. Gabriel is also the author of numerous articles on seal design and application, including, “Fundamentals of Spiral Groove Non-contacting Seal Faces” and “Gas Lubrication of Slow Speed Seals.”

HI's “Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines” is a 300-page comprehensive and authoritative reference book that provides pump and seal professionals, end users and consulting engineers with useful and current pump mechanical seal knowledge. The Institute's comprehensive guideline is packed with user-friendly descriptions and explanations, tables, and photographs that rotating equipment OEMs, EPC professionals, plant engineers, and maintenance and reliability specialists need to ensure system reliability and increase mean time between repairs (MTBR). The book is available at the HI e-store on the Hydraulic Institute Web site (www.pumps.org) or by calling (973) 267-9700 ext. 18.