Fluke offers two how-to training classes in metrology

Source: PlantServices.com

Jan 18, 2007

Fluke Corporation, a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, is offering two new classroom courses designed to provide hands-on instruction in basic and advanced measurement techniques.  The “MET-101” and “MET-301” workshops will be offered throughout 2007 in multiple locations.  Also available from Fluke is a new computer-based training course on how to write procedures with Fluke MET-CAL® Plus Version 7 metrology software.

Designed for those who have not had any formal training in measurement/calibration, “MET-101” is a five-day workshop that introduces students to basic measurement concepts, basic electronics related to measurement instruments and math used in calibration, and provides techniques for using calibrators to make good measurements.
“MET-301” is a five-day workshop that covers advanced measurement concepts, including the math used in upper echelon cal labs. It replaces the “Principles of Metrology” course, and is designed for those interested in working at the secondary and primary levels of metrology using reference standards to make precision measurements of more than six digits of resolution.
“MET/CAL Plus Version 7 Metrology Software Procedure Writing” is an interactive, self-paced, computer-based training course on CD.  It uses simulation of the MET/CAL Editor function to explain the use of the most basic, frequently-used Function Selection Codes (FSC) to write an automated MET/CAL procedure.