Siemens produces movie featuring industry experts


Jan 01, 2007

Beginning January 23, the movie “Safety: Uncover the Competitive Advantage,” will be showing in movie theaters in 45 cities across the United States. The full-screen movie, produced by Siemens Energy & Automation (, features a “Who’s Who” cast of industry safety experts and leading-edge companies.

The movie offers viewers an opportunity to learn strategies that will enable them to meet changing industry safety standards, control operating costs through risk mitigation and improve productivity by making safety a forethought rather than an afterthought in the design process.

“We’re hoping that such a broad, national reach will provide attendees with easy access to an educational and entertaining forum on emerging safety standards and how to implement safety systems in their operations,” says Tom Kopanski, vice president, Siemens Energy & Automation. “Safety education is critical, however, more than 72% of the controls engineers who responded to a 2006 survey were not aware of all of the recent and dramatic changes in safety standards.”

Each presentation includes a full-screen, high-definition 45-minute movie followed by a question and answer session and access to safety subject-matter experts. Attendees will receive a safety workbook containing reference material including the latest OSHA standards for on-the-job use, a guide to risk assessment, advice on selecting an appropriate safety strategy, and tips to using safety as a competitive advantage. Follow-up events such as safety seminars and lunch-and-learn programs are available for those who want to learn more about implementing successful safety strategies.

The screen presentation includes short, focused modules on:

  • A World View on Safety
  • The Changing Landscape of Safety in the U.S.
  • What You Need to Know Now
  • How Safe is Safe Enough
  • The Value of an On-Site Risk Assessment
  • Technology: The New Basics
  • OPEL Case Study
  • How Much Technology Do You Need
  • KUKA Case Study
  • CAMotion Case Study
  • Uncover the Opportunity

“All companies are trying to be lean and eliminate waste, while maintaining healthy and safe employees. The goal is to prevent hazards from ever invading the organization — and that’s done in the design stage,” explains Mike Taubitz, General Motors Corp. and representing AIAG Health and Safety. “That is the key. Safety must be designed into our products, our systems and our work environments. It should never be an afterthought.”

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