Life Cycle Engineering launches institute for reliability


Sep 01, 2006

The Life Cycle Institute, Charleston, S.C., was recently opened by Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) to serve as its new and expanded flagship educational facility.

With annual student attendance tripling during the past three years, LCE's new campus embodies state-of-the-art conference media technology throughout a modern 6,000 sq.ft. campus.

“Along with the recent addition of LCE’s new education director, Mr. Bill Wilder, The Life Cycle Institute further demonstrates LCE's commitment to supporting growing/evolving customer training requirements, both at the client site and in an open enrollment environment,” says Jim Fei, LCE chairman and CEO.

As a significant learning source for reliability excellence, the institute offers a venue to further professional development. The institute uses adult learning methods that minimize lectures and emphasize hands-on learning. The courses are taught by facilitators that actively practice what they teach. The methodologies taught within the various course curricula are practical applications with track records proven through actual activities carried out on a regular basis by the LCE professionals.