Ivara Partners with MRO Software to provide advanced equipment reliability

Source: PlantServices.com

Jul 26, 2006

MRO Software Inc., the leading provider of asset and service management solutions and Ivara Corporation, an industry leader and innovator in asset reliability solutions, announced that Ivara has joined the MRO Software Complementary Solution Partner program. 
Ivara is an industry leader in equipment reliability consulting services and enabling technologies and the parent company of Aladon LLC, specialists in the facilitation and training of Reliability-Centered Maintenance methodologies. As a reliability partner for MRO Software, Ivara will deliver enhanced reliability capabilities to complement the Maximo Enterprise Suite. The combined offering supported by Ivara’s reliability software, EXP, will help customers to improve the effectiveness of their maintenance organization and overall equipment performance.
“We conducted a survey to better understand our customer’s equipment reliability
needs,” says Johan Arts, vice president, Industry and Solutions Marketing,  MRO Software. “Clearly equipment reliability is extremely important to our customers in many industries, including, utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, and transportation. We found more than 70 percent of respondents’ reliability programs are supported by internally developed applications, and over 85 percent of respondents indicate a direct tie between reliability programs and improved equipment performance. As of result of this feedback, we are pleased to establish a partnership with Ivara.  Their technology and reliability expertise meets our customers’ need for additional reliability support and leverages the functionality of our Maximo Enterprise Suite.” 
“For executives, increased asset reliability translates directly into a big improvement to the bottom line. The integrated Ivara-MRO Software offering delivers a complete reliability system that optimizes both equipment and financial performance,” says Gerry Bleau, chief executive officer, Ivara Corporation.  “We are pleased to join with MRO Software and look forward to supporting customers in their journey toward optimized reliability.”
“Asset reliability is no longer a shop floor issue – it’s a boardroom issue.  We are seeing a growing realization among capital-intensive companies that reliability is an important business strategy that improves plant performance and drives financial results,” says Terry O’Hanlon, CMRP, publisher and leading reliability expert.  “I am thrilled to see market leaders such as MRO Software and Ivara, offering an integrated approach to asset reliability.”