Industrial Safety

Stanley Proto offers tool safety program


Mar 22, 2006

No matter how good your tools are there are some things they just aren’t meant to do. Each year, safety shortcuts cause thousands of work-related injuries, as well as unnecessary and costly tool damage. "Safety Starts Here," a 30-minute video by Stanley Proto, uses an entertaining and informational style to drive home the point that taking shortcuts can be a shortcut to disaster. The video can be used on its own, or included as part of a company safety training program.
The 30-minute video includes segments on sockets, wrenches, striking tools, screwdrivers, knives and snips, and specialty tools. Because understanding the risk involved in taking a safety shortcut is the first step toward accident prevention, each segment opens with cartoon character named Shortcut Jones showing the viewer how using tools inappropriately (such as putting a standard socket on an impact wrench) can cause someone to get hurt. The hosts then go on to offer pointers on safe, efficient practices, such as using a striking wrench and penetrating oil to loosen a frozen nut, rather than trying to force a wrench with a cheater bar. A section on Storage and Maintenance stresses the importance of keeping tools in top condition, clean and stored away from exposure to dirt and moisture.
The video is shipped in a binder that includes DVD as well as a VHS formats. The binder also includes a CD with templates that an employer can use it in its own training program, including a quiz on the material presented in the video. Users interested in the video should contact their Proto Salesperson, Proto distributor or go to