DIY air audit wins award


Mar 01, 2006

Quincy Compressor ( recently received the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Service Innovation. The Award recognizes Quincy for achieving remarkable customer satisfaction levels related to its Quincy Efficiency Quotient (EQ) air auditing process, a do-it-yourself (DIY)-type of service that allows plants to quickly identify energy-saving opportunities in their compressed air systems.

Frost & Sullivan ( presents this Award annually to a company that has demonstrated excellence in customer service innovation. The recipient company has developed and implemented new customer care systems that set unprecedented standards for customer interaction, timely response, and/or attention to customer needs.

“Quincy has focused on the novel concept of capacity-building of customers and enabling them to make energy-saving decisions by themselves,” says Kishan Bhat, industry manager, Frost & Sullivan. “At the core of this strategy is the new EQ analysis that Quincy offers to all existing and prospective customers.”

EQ analysis is a two-step process. First, plants complete a worksheet that assigns values to specific variables in a compressed air system and provides an assessment of how efficiently that system performs. With the baseline established, they can then identify opportunities for improvement.
In the second step, plant personnel can verify their findings. An authorized Quincy compressor distributor is available to assist, using the company’s Efficiency Quotient Analyzer data logger. The logged data is uploaded to the EQ web site, which performs an in-depth technical analysis of the air system’s demand and supply sides. This patented system then models multiple solutions and generates a customized, 40-page audit report providing an executive financial summary supported by detailed graphs and tables on a plant’s current operating costs and savings opportunities.

With compressed air requirements representing 10% of the total industrial energy demand, some utilities are encouraging efficiency improvements with rebates. Quincy’s solutions help customers secure direct-dollar energy rebates on the order of $40,000 per plant. This helps plants finance capital equipment purchases to improve system efficiency.

“Quincy’s customer service initiatives are set around the goal of making the plant work efficiently and building capacities of individual customers,” Bhat says.