Cimetrics and Lantronix form alliance

Mar 23, 2005

Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) and Cimetrics has announced the formation of a technology and marketing alliance to bring new IP and Web Services solutions to the building automation market by utilizing the Lantronix XPort(tm) module.

Cimetrics will implement the XPort module in their Native IP and Eplus product lines, and will be selling a BACnet-enabled XPort module for OEMs.  The Lantronix XPort is a compact embedded device server that offers a highly integrated Ethernet hardware solution, which enables Cimetrics BACstac(tm) protocol stack.  This module conforms to Web Services standards (XML/SOAP) used by nearly all enterprise software vendors.  A browser-based setup screen allows for the control and monitoring of BACnet devices without needing to know the BACnet protocol.

One example of this breakthrough in connectivity is the, "Cimetrics Native IP to 4 channel Utility Meter" interface.  This inexpensive gateway lets users connect four utility meters (gas, water, electricity, flow, etc.) to any TCP/IP data network so the metering information is made available to any computer on the network or via the Internet.  This allows  accounting offices or facilities managers to easily setup automatic capture of data from these meters into an accounting package or spreadsheet with  little or no software coding required.  Other products in the Native IP Series offer the same interface simplicity for lighting control, occupancy sensing, HVAC controls and sensors, home automation products, and industrial networking products. 

"We are  very pleased that Cimetrics has chosen the XPort as the core platform for developing its new IP based product line," said Marc Nussbaum, CEO of Lantronix.  "OEMs and end-users seeking effective web-based building automation solutions can now obtain powerful products that combine the leading embedded device server on the market with the leading BACnet software.  By partnering with Cimetrics, we are now able to address customer applications requiring the BACnet/IP and Web Services protocols."

In addition to bringing best-in-class solutions to market, Lantronix and Cimetrics will pursue joint marketing efforts to promote their building automation capabilities and Web Services technologies to end customers, thereby expanding their market reach.

"In our pursuit to bring higher value connectivity between building systems and the enterprise, we sought to partner with a company that truly understands ethernet and TCP/IP-based communication devices," said Jim Lee, Cimetrics president . "Lantronix has proven to be a true leader in the space of device networking."