Wonderware uses pharmaceutical company as case study

Jan 11, 2005

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., has announced the release of new enterprise application integration capabilities leveraging the ISA S95 XML standard.  The new offering for advanced manufacturing applications combines ISA S95 XML with the open ArchestrA plant automation and information software architecture.

Wonderware is providing its new application to Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc., a Maryland-based maker of nutritional supplement products.
The new enterprise application integration offering was developed in response to growing customer demand for greatly simplified approaches to linking diverse sets of manufacturing systems and business applications to achieve greater levels of business productivity.  To date, Wonderware has been working with multiple customers on projects that use these latest approaches in combination with SAP R3, Microsoft Business Solutions­Navision and other enterprise applications.  The goal of this Wonderware offering is to simplify the integration effort of the installed plant or business system, lower the implementation and support costs and enable faster manufacturing agility as customer business needs evolve.

“Historically, factory floor-to-business systems integration has been solved by customized integration specifically addressing the business needs as they occur,” said Kevin Tock, vice president of advanced applications and alliances at Invensys.  “As business needs change, these interfaces have been very difficult to change or maintain due to their custom nature.  The basis for this new advanced applications capability is the new S95.01/02 standard which provides a standard terminology and a consistent set of concepts and models for enterprise integration, along with Wonderware FactorySuite A²  software which utilizes open ArchestrA software technology to rapidly integrate and model disparate plant information.

“For users, this open standards approach can assist in better identification of needs, automating manufacturing processes and reduced re-engineering efforts across the business lifecycle.”

Wonderware’s S95 XML Enterprise Application Integration offering capabilities include:

• Enterprise application integration between a wide range of existing manufacturing/plant systems
• Multi-site integration
• Transactional integration between manufacturing/plant systems and other supply chain applications
• Integration with existing messaging and middleware investments

Several implementations are currently underway at various North American and European pharmaceutical companies, including Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc.  Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. is striving for a completely paperless manufacturing operation to support its anticipated growth.  In an effort to modernize and improve business operations, Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. intends to automate its processes while continuing to follow FDA regulations for manufacturing practices.  The operational benefits expected in the automation of the manufacturing and business processes are:

• Quantifying and reducing raw material waste
• Improved inventory use
• Inventory control of production materials
• Forecasting inventory requirements
• Improved efficiencies in the in-line manufacturing and packaging stages of product production

Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. required a completely integrated solution for its overall manufacturing operations covering planning and scheduling, purchasing, receiving, warehousing, inventory management, quality assurance, as well as automation of the sifting, weighing and blending operation.  The company also required the solution to be implemented and operational by the end of 2004.  To deliver this integrated supply chain solution in the required four-month period,  InSource Solution, Nutramax’s local Wonderware value added reseller put together the team of Wonderware and Aston Business Solutions, a Microsoft business solutions partner, to deliver a solution combining Wonderware’s InBatch software, Industrial Application Server, S95 XML Enterprise Application Integration offering and Microsoft Business Solutions­Navision ERP solution.

“We considered other solutions, but the combined Wonderware and Microsoft solution appeared to be the lowest risk and best option to fit our needs,” said Pete Patras, Vice President of Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc.  “In addition, Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. was very impressed with the collaboration and teamwork between the Wonderware and Aston organizations during the sales process.  This experience gave us the confidence that this team and their respective products would deliver a quality solution in the timeframe required.”