Maintenance evangelist releases song


Jan 04, 2005

“We have to get the word out about the Maintenance Crisis while there is still time to minimize the damage” stated Joel Leonard of MPACT Learning Center. 

Leonard has been dubbed North America’s Maintenance Evangelist for his efforts to elevate the profession.  “People will ignore reading white papers and yet will gladly listen to a song. So in order to get the message out I am learning how to write music.”

Leonard’s first song “The Maintenance Crisis Song” continues to be an industry hit, played in business meetings, industry conferences worldwide and has had over 23,000 downloads over the internet. 

To further share the message, Leonard recently visited the Winston Salem Speak Easy Tavern and asked the proprietor what blues artist could play some of his songs about the Maintenance Crisis. 

“I am so glad to have found the Ron Hunter Blues Band, not only an authentic blues artist of over 30 years,” Leonard exclaimed, “What is amazing is that during the day, Ron Hunter is the maintenance manager of Winston Salem Steven’s Center. So he can put some real heart and soul into these words.” Their first collaborative effort will be an mp3 downloadable release of Leonard’s “Find Me a Maintenance Woman”

“With the retirement of baby boomers and lack of interest by future generation there will be a large shortfall of skills. One thing we can do immediately is to open the doors to the other half of the population. Currently women represent approximately 5% of the Maintenance workforce. We hope this song will break down some of the barriers and encourage more companies to consider this practical option to avert the Maintenance Crisis.” Leonard added, “If a woman can raise kids, they can do anything.”

Leonard shared, “With Ron Hunter’s talent available I will invest more time at creating future maintenance music. Since no on else has ever written songs about maintenance, we have lots of virgin territory to explore. Who knows we may even win a Grammy some day.”

Free downloads of “Find Me a Maintenance Woman” and “The Maintenance Crisis Song” can be found at