Industrial Motors

Find the oldest Bodine motor or generator contest

Jan 07, 2005

In celebration of Bodine Electric Company’s 100th anniversary, today the company announced a contest designed to find the oldest Bodine motor or gearmotor. There are 3 ways to win: 1) $1,000 for the oldest Bodine product still doing its job; 2) $1,000 for the oldest Bodine product period — running or not; 3) $1,000 for the most unusual or unique use of a Bodine motor. Plus, the winner will also receive an additional $1,000 donated to their favorite charity. Contestants can register at Bodine’s web site ( The contest will end June 30, 2005.

 “The theme of the contest emphasizes the philosophy shared by the Bodine brothers nearly one century ago — to produce superior-quality products to make machines work optimally, and for the longest possible time,” said John Morehead, Bodine’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

From supplying a dentist with a specially designed motor for an electric tooth drill in 1905, the company has provided motors for such diverse applications as movie cameras and projectors, phonographs, jukeboxes, scientific instruments, office equipment, WWII aircraft fuel pumps, photocopiers, medical scanners, printing presses, factory automation, food service equipment, and many other applications.