Tips for winterizing equipment


Nov 03, 2005

Papé Machinery, Inc.’s, product support team is looking ahead to help customers prepare their equipment for the winter months.  Papé Machinery has compiled tips for winterizing equipment and a list of common reasons an engine may not run properly in cold weather.   

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“Our product support team is dedicated to keeping our customers’ equipment running smoothly, especially during harsh winter conditions,” says Quincy Powers, Director of Product Support for Papé Machinery.  “Our simple tips for winterizing equipment may save operators frustration, time and expense.”    
Papé’s tips for winterizing equipment:

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommended viscosity and lube specification guidelines.
  • Use winter washer fluid solution with anti-freeze.
  • Don’t let diesel engines run idle more than 10 minutes; shut the engine off to save fuel and extend the engine’s life.
  • Fill the fuel tank at the end of each day to reduce condensation and water contamination in the tank.
  • Use a winter fuel blend.
  • Maintain a minimum fuel rating of 40 cetane. (A 50 cetane rating is preferred for temperatures of –4 F to –20 F.)
  • For machines equipped with auto-lube grease circuits, consult the auto-lube manufacturer for winterization tips.
  • Keep RPMs low until the equipment warms up.
  • Use fully formulated pre-diluted antifreeze that meets manufactures specification.

Common reasons an engine may not run properly in cold weather:

  • Water in the fuel tank
  • Water in fuel separator
  • Fuel is below cloud point (the temperature at which wax turns solid and flow is stopped).
  • Fuel filters need to be replaced.