Expanded online CAD drawing library aids steam system designers

Oct 26, 2005

Spirax Sarco, Inc., has expanded its CAD Centre drawing libraries of steam system components and applications. The CAD Resource Centre has proven to be a productivity-enhancing design aid for steam system engineering. The CAD Centre comprises a central online library offering component and application drawings for download in either AutoCAD® or Windows® Metafile (.wmf) formats. The inclusion of drawings in .wmf format enables non-CAD users to open them in CASSIO for use in illustration or office applications. CASSIO is a free offline version of the product and application drawing libraries.The CASSIO upgrade pack (v4.02) includes installation routines for AutoCAD® 2005 and AutoCAD LT® 2005.

The CAD Centre allows users to browse, search for and locate drawings. Selecting a section from either the main menu ring or the left-hand frame menu displays an array of thumbnail images of the drawings in that section. With a supported DWF(TM) viewer, users can view, zoom in and
pan AutoCAD drawings in the Preview Window with full resolution. With the correct drawings selected, the user can either download them to disk or drop them from the browser window directly into AutoCAD windows using Autodesk® i-drop® technology.

The CAD Centre library is also available on a CD that contains CASSIO software and all of the component and application drawings available online. The CAD Centre drawings library is intended for illustration purposes only; not all are to scale, making them inappropriate for detail design engineering purposes. For more information, check out the full details of this update on at www.spiraxsarco.com, navigating to the CAD Resource Centre.

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