Clark-Reliance offers free boiler safety checklist


Aug 10, 2005

The Clark-Reliance Corporation, in a continuing effort to increase boiler safety and code compliance, announces the availability of a handy, free Boiler Safety Checklist. The laminated checklist can be conveniently and easily displayed near boilers to act as a source for ensuring compliance with Section 1 of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

"For many years, Clark-Reliance has been providing free Boiler Safety Checklists to our customers. They have become extremely popular and are now our most requested literature item. Since the Checklist has proven so beneficial for maintaining safety and code compliance in our customers' facilities, we are now offering them free to all boiler operators. The Clark-Reliance Corporation is always looking for new ways to promote the safe use and operation of boiler equipment, and this is a great chance to do just that," said Chris Fadden, Marketing and Inside Sales Manager at Clark-Reliance.

To obtain a free Boiler Safety Checklist, call or email Clark Reliance today (440-572-1500).