Free white paper describes life-cycle maintenance strategies


May 09, 2005

As data collection and real-time condition monitoring processes continue to advance, today’s maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) teams can preemptively identify problems and often correct them before they affect production. A backgrounder from Rockwell Automation describes how manufacturers can boost bottom-line results by taking a more strategic approach to maintenance that employs a mix of proactive and reactive technologies and techniques. The paper may be downloaded free at

The backgrounder, “Reaping the Rewards of Strategic Maintenance,” outlines how an organization can develop an effective portfolio of maintenance activities by applying the right people, processes, and equipment during different stages in the equipment life cycle. From integrated condition monitoring, to phone and onsite support, to training, remanufacturing and repair services, the paper identifies the appropriate predictive, preventive and reactive maintenance activities manufacturers can use to maximize return on asset investment, including equipment and human assets.

“Because of the impact maintenance methodologies can have on business performance, it’s critical that companies view maintenance as a strategy rather than merely as a function,” said Mike Laszkiewicz, vice president, Customer Support and Maintenance, Rockwell Automation. “The rationale behind strategic maintenance is understanding that maintenance goes beyond keeping production equipment running or repairing it after it has failed. Rather, it involves the ability to apply the right equipment, people and processes to maximize the return on the automation investment.”