Proper Green cleaning techniques highlighted in new paper

Apr 14, 2005

Green cleaning goes beyond the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products, according to the Kaivac Green Cleaning Position Paper, just released by Kaivac, Inc.
The Position Paper presents Kaivac’s official position regarding Green cleaning and addresses other timely cleaning issues.
“The fact that many jansan manufacturers and distributors, as well as facility service providers believe that Green cleaning is just about using Green cleaning products is simply not true,” says Bob Robinson Sr, president of Kaivac.
“For instance, a chemical can be certified environmentally preferable but if it is not used or mixed properly, it can still be harmful,” explains Robinson.  “That’s why we included an entire section on proper dilution procedures and using color-coded metering tips with no-touch cleaning equipment to ensure safe and accurate dilution.”

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Two other sections of the position paper, “Fewer Is Better” and “Less Is More,” discuss additional issues surrounding chemical usage, such as why using fewer cleaning chemicals is usually safer and improves employee productivity while reducing errors, injuries, training time and storage.
“Overall, Green cleaning is helping our industry tremendously,” says Robinson.  “It’s helping protect the health and safety of building occupants, cleaning workers, the environment. It also is helping elevate the image of cleaning workers and our industry—two of my own personal goals.”
Additionally, the Kaivac Green Cleaning Position Paper covers issues related to cleaning in general, including:

·       Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
·       Soil removal
·       Disinfecting vs.. cleaning
·       Floor care and concerns about shinny floors
·       Noise pollution caused by cleaning equipment
·       The primary components of cleaning

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