Learn best practices from 15 world-class organizations

May 19, 2004

For the past six years, Clemson University has hosted "Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management" in various locations throughout the United States. On June 8-11, Clemson will be hosting the conference in Las Vegas.

This year's conference will feature speakers from Owens Corning, General Motors, Alcoa, EMD Chemicals, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. Presentations will include information about reliability excellence, life cycle asset management, successful implementation of a CMMS, creating a successful and effective business case, and excellence in facility management. The information provided will allow you to see the steps that other organizations have taken in their pursuit of reliability and maintenance excellence.

In addition to the case studies, you will have the opportunity to tour the award-winning United States Postal Service (USPS) facility in Las Vegas, during which you will have the opportunity to examine world-class maintenance processes. The tour will give you insight into USPS maintenance operations and you will have the opportunity to observe the facility's automated mail flow equipment.

You can also forego the tour to attend a "Lean Maintenance Workshop" that Bruce Hawkins of Life Cycle Engineering will facilitate. In this workshop, you can learn how lean techniques apply to maintenance and the overall objective of achieving maintenance excellence.

To view a brochure, visit http://odce.clemson.edu/Pdfs/04SBPMMLAS.pdf.

For more information, contact Richard Jamison at (843) 744-7110 x267 or Stephanie Dean at (843) 744-7110 x352.