Bearing failure-analysis program now online

Sep 28, 2004

Emerson Bearing recently unveiled its online Failure Analysis diagnostic program that in-house personnel can use to identify common bearing failures — rather than relying on outside vendors.  Plant personnel simply visit the website and click on the “Technical Toolbox” link.


Common bearing problems addressed online include contamination (which is one of the leading causes of premature bearing failure), overheating and loose fit. In addition, the program provides close-up visuals of problematic bearings, graphic representations, as well as definitions and causes of each type of bearing failure.


“Our online program is designed to save our customers both time and money,” says Steve Katz, CEO of Emerson Bearing. “In just moments, a customer can search our comprehensive ‘Failure Analysis’ menu to quickly identify the type of problem they are having with their bearing or exactly why it has failed.  They are then able to determine whether or not they need to call in an outside vendor or call us for replacement bearings.”


Emerson’s website also features a “Bearing Detective” feature, which asks questions to enable an Emerson specialist to track down the bearing required. Within one business day of submitting the online form, the Emerson specialist will get back to the customer with an answer.