Lubricate with intelligence

Oct 11, 2004

Although predictive maintenance is fast becoming a requirement in today’s manufacturing environment, the reality is many manufacturers simply do not have the know-how or resources to take advantage of it. That’s why Trico Manufacturing Corp. and Schematic Approach Inc. (SAI) have joined forces to offer predictive maintenance solutions. They now offer industrial lubrication parts, as well as on-site training, auditing, consulting and monitoring

Bob Jung, CEO of Trico Manufacturing. Corp., says, “Through this move, we now have the ability to build and execute individualized lubrication maintenance programs for the thousands of companies in desperate need of a maintenance prediction road map and guide.”

SAI Founder Kevan Slater says the Trico-SAI partnership is a step forward. “Trico has the broadest line of lubrication maintenance products on the market,” he says. “Their reputation for quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions combined with our expertise in product development, service and training makes our team the strongest and most capable in the industry"

Through the acquisition, Trico and SAI will offer solutions-based packages that allow customers to choose the right level of support for their operations

“The difference we’ll make for our customers is in the variety of predictive maintenance options we can take and the array of approaches we can deliver,” says Nick Kroll, president of Trico. “There are many ways to cut costs and protect our customers’ bottom lines. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit.”

As part of the acquisition, Trico and SAI will also work together on product and service development, using SAI’s experience on the service side and Trico’s expertise on the product side.

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