Calculated cleaning

Aug 26, 2004

To help building service contractors (BSCs) and facility managers make strategic buying decisions when it comes to restroom and floor cleaning, Kaivac Inc. introduces three return-on-investment (ROI) calculators on its Web site:


The calculators determine the time it takes to clean restrooms or floors using conventional cleaning methods versus Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning systems (for restrooms) or KaiMotion waxing and ergo-mopping system (for floors).


The company offers the following calculators:


1.   A square-footage calculator, designed to calculate ROI based on cleaning any size floor with a KaiMotion.

2.   An individual building calculator designed to calculate ROI based on cleaning restrooms in a single building with a No-Touch Cleaning Machine.


3.   A school-district-wide calculator, which specifically addresses the concerns of school districts, designed to calculate ROI based on cleaning all restrooms in a school district with a No-Touch Cleaning Machine.



All three calculators use the official ISSA 447 Cleaning Times as their benchmark. “They also take into consideration on-the-job practicalities,” says Angelo Poneris, assistant marketing director for Kaivac. “We wanted these figures to address real-life cleaning circumstances. Training, education and experience vary among cleaning workers, and the calculators take this into account.”


Poneris says the calculators are designed to be quick and easy to use, requiring the user to answer just a few simple questions. “For instance,” he explains, “in one example, a building service contractor cleans a facility with 20 restrooms and a total of 125 toilets, urinals and sinks. The BSC enters these figures into the individual building calculator along with the number of times the building is cleaned each week, as well as the custodian’s hourly wage.”


In this example, here is what the calculator determined:




Time to clean the restrooms

Standard method






375 minutes

216.20 minutes




Total time saved

158.80 minutes





Annual savings

 $ 8,506.12





Cleaning times required for ROI






Return on investment

5 months






“With budget cuts and fierce competition, the cleaning professional has a better idea how much restroom cleaning really costs and can plan or bid accordingly,” Poneris says.


He adds that the Square Footage Calculator, which determines floor-cleaning costs, compares Kaivac’s KaiMotion to conventional mop-and-bucket cleaning systems, as well as auto scrubbers. “They’re fun and the results can be surprising,” Poneris says.